Our Research Team & Platform

Being one of China's leading pharmaceutical companies, research and development is our lifeblood as we strive to continually develop efficacious pharmaceutical products that can further enhance the quality of life.

With around 120 in-house researchers who have been handpicked for their specialties in different fields, ranging from chemical synthesis, drug formulation and preparation methods to clinical research, product registration, manufacturing techniques and pharmaceutical analysis, C&O is one of the few qualified pharmaceutical companies in China with the expertise to provide contract research services to the growing number of international pharmaceutical companies seeking to outsource their R&D activities to China.

As a testimony to our expertise and leadership position, we have received numerous research grants and awards including the prestigious National 863 Project under the National High Technology Research Development Program of the PRC government. List of C&O's Awards. Our research and development ("R&D") projects on PNA, a Hepatitis B drug that has already entered clinical stage, as well as 3 other potential Category One anti-infective drugs, were selected for sponsorship under PRC government's "Mega New Drug Development Program". The "Mega New Drug Development Program" is the first government funding program to focus solely on new drug development under the PRC government's Eleventh Five Year Plan to support the R&D of proprietary drugs. These 4 C&O R&D projects have already received an initial funding of RMB1.11 million during March 2010. Follow-up funding will be granted in the future according to project benchmarks. Total funding for these 4 C&O R&D projects approved amounted to RMB7.5 million.

We also collaborate closely with renowned research institutions to tap on their resources and expertise.

With all the necessary building blocks in place – talents, experience, knowledge, recognition and the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities - we are ready to take on greater challenges and scale up our R&D activities.

To expand our portfolio of proprietary drugs, we are developing a range of drugs that address acute medical areas such as anti-infective, anti-HBV, anti-cancer, anti-tuberculosis, anti-aging and anti-obesity. Three potential category 1 drugs are also under development. (Category 1 drugs are referred as pharmaceutical products that have not been previously approved for sale in China and overseas).

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