Our Research Team & Platform

To achieve as the “New Drug Market Enterprise”, C&O has been focusing works on the research and development of innovation drug.

C&O now owns two research and development centers, which locates at Nanjing Economic Technology Development Zone and National Shanghai Biomedical Technology Industry Base, are operated under its subsidiaries, Nanjing R&D and Shanghai Sun-sail, respectively.

Nanjing R&D was established in 1999, which is the key “High and New Technology Enterprise” recognized under the “National Torch Program” in China, is mainly engaged in drug research and development both in the preclinical and clinical stage.

Nanjing R&D is focusing on strengthening the construction for technology innovation system. It has set up various technology platforms, such as “Jiangsu Province Anti-infective Drug Engineering Technology Research Center”, “Enterprise Academician Workstation” and “Jiangsu Province Xingang Innovative Drug Research Service Platform”, etc. It also own the firstly developed “Himalayan Marmot in Animal Model of Mitochondrial Toxicity Evaluation Platform” in China. Through the continuous effort and contribution in more than 10 years, Nanjing R&D has formed the sound technology innovation system and strong technical capabilities in the research and development.

Shanghai Sun-sail was established in 2004 with strong capabilities and strengths in the synthesis and screening of new compounds, which is mainly engaged in the research and development of innovation drug covering areas in anti-drug-resistant bacteria, anti-drug-resistant tuberculosis, anti-diabetes and anti-insomnia.

Shanghai Sun-sail has set up its goal on the research and development of innovation drugs with independently developed intellectual property. The research and development works include the design, synthesis and screening of new drug, development of innovative chemical synthesis, quality control, drug preparation and drug preclinical research, as well as the drug synthesis technology and industrialization research. These actually cover each part of whole process in the drug research and development.

C&O cares a lot works on the research and development of innovation and the protection of intellectual property. We have developed the mid to long term strategic planning for the development of intellectual property and apply the same to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprise in order for speeding up our development. At present, some innovation drugs with independently developed intellectual property had entered the clinical stage and the technical knowhow was successfully transferred. On the other hand, a number of innovative compounds have become ready in application for the clinical stage.

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