C&O Pharmaceutical Technology (Holdings) Limited (“C&O” or “We”) was incorporated in 2003 and history of its foundation can trace back to 1997. C&O has been achieving fast development in the rapid growth of China pharmaceutical market throughout these years. In 2011, we joined as the member under Shionogi & Co., Ltd. (“Shionogi” or “the Headquarter”). In the process of the “Headquarter Globalization”, we are playing an important role in China among the huge market activities.

C&O is one of the few pharmaceutical enterprises in China integrating functions of the research and development, manufacture, and marketing and distribution, which aims to achieve as the “New Drug Market Enterprise”.

Technology Research and Development

C&O owns two research and development centers now locating at Nanjing Economic Technology Development Zone and National Shanghai Biomedical Technology Industry Base, which are operated under its subsidiary, Nanjing Changao Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co., Limited (“Nanjing R&D”) and Shanghai Sun-sail Pharmaceutical Science & Technology Co., Limited (“Shanghai Sun-sail”), respectively.

Nanjing R&D was established in 1999, which is the key “High and New Technology Enterprise” recognized under the “National Torch Program” in China, is mainly engaged in drug research and development both in the preclinical and clinical stage.

Shanghai Sun-sail was established in 2004 with strong capabilities and strengths in the synthesis and screening of new compounds, which is mainly engaged in the research and development of innovation drug covering areas in anti-drug-resistant bacteria, anti-drug-resistant tuberculosis, anti-diabetes and anti-insomnia.

C&O cares a lot works on the research and development of innovation and the protection of intellectual property. We have developed the mid to long term strategic planning for the development of intellectual property and apply the same to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprise in order for speeding up our development. At present, some innovation drugs with independently developed intellectual property had entered the clinical stage and the technical knowhow was successfully transferred. On the other hand, a number of innovative compounds have become ready in application for the clinical stage.

Industrial Production

C&O owns its factory now locating at Ke Xin Road, Nanjing Zhongshan Science and Technology Park (“the Factory”), which is operated under its subsidiary, Nanjing Chang Ao Pharmaceutical Co., Limited (“Nanjing Chang Ao”). Nanjing Chang Ao has been specializing in the manufacture of a wide range of drug formulations including the freeze-dried powder injection, solid preparations and externally used medicine, etc. for 20 years. It is renowned in the society and also recognized as the “High and New Technology Enterprise” by the Jiangsu Provincial Government.

In order to maintain best quality of drug, C&O had decided in 2012 to construct the Factory equipping with fully upgraded facilities and those constructions were then completed in 2016. The Factory mainly comprises of the Freeze-dried Powder Workshop, Ordinary Solid Workshop and External Drug Workshop, as well as the supporting facilities, such as storage, quality inspection and office premises, etc. Construction for the Factory was awarded the thorough national GMP certification following its completion in 2016 and the facilities are then put into use and production. The new facilities provide annual production capacity with 20 million of freeze-dried powder injection, 360 million of tablets, 300 million of capsules and 7.5 million of ointment and gel preparations.

The Factory currently produce various types of drugs covering antibiotics, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, and digestive system drugs, etc., mainly in the formulation of freeze-dried powder injection, tablets, capsules, and ointment and gel preparations. Those productions are conducted under sound system of production quality management.

While we utilize capacity of the GMP certified production facilities, we always keep products quality first and stable products supply. Meanwhile, Nanjing Chang Ao owns a large number of patented and “High and New Technology” products which have won many awards from the Jiangsu Provincial Government.

Promotion and Distribution

Shenzhen Liancheng Medicine Company Limited (“Shenzhen Liancheng”) is the C&O distribution center, which holds two subsidiaries, Nanjing Xinaokang Pharmaceutical Limited (“Nanjing Xinaokang”) and Sichuan Changao Medicine Company Limited (“Sichuan Changao”).

Shenzhen Liancheng and its subsidiaries have passed the new national GSP certification and the achievement represents that they have attained an upper level in respect of the drug quality risk control, cold chain management, computing software management system and people management.

The head office of Shenzhen Liancheng locates at Shenzhen Special Economic Zones, Guangdong Province. It is mainly engaged in the distribution of prescription drug and OTC drug currently including 21 own branded products and 2 exclusive distribution of imported products. As a large commercial distribution enterprise in the pharmaceutical industry, Shenzhen Liancheng place its focus on the business channels and distribution networks covering distributors, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

Having been experienced and contributed from the process of sales in the past 20 years, C&O has successfully built up the well known brand of antibiotic, “Amoxycillin”, which is one of our exclusive distribution of imported products. In the 7 consecutive years from 2011 to 2017, it was on the list of “Health China - China Medicine Brand List”. In additions, we have introduced the other imported antibiotic with exclusive distributorship right, “Flomoxef Sodium for Injection - Flumarin®”, which is manufactured by Shionogi. We also launched the first “Injection of Rabeprazole Sodium - Aobo Ping®”, in China in April 2014, which is our independently developed product.

On the launch of Aobo Ping®, it is the “Key Breakthrough” in field of the domestic digestive system drug over China and the market share of Aobo Ping® is now growing up.

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