Date Details
December 2011
Delisted from Main Board of Singapore Exchange

November 2011
Dispatch of notice of compulsory acquisition to acquire all the ordinary shares in the capital of C&O, other than those shares already owned by the Offeror and its related parties

October 2011
Close of mandatory unconditional cash offer with the Offeror and parties acting in concert owning an aggregate of 97.82% stake of C&O. C&O is suspended from trading.

August 2011
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. (“Shionogi” or the “Offeror”) acquires a 29% stake in C&O and subsequently announces a mandatory unconditional cash offer for all the ordinary shares held by the public.
April 2011
Appointed Exclusive Distributor in China for Flumarin® by Shionogi & Co., Ltd.

December 2010
Sumitomo Corporation acquires 29% strategic stake in C&O. The Board of Directors reconstituted with three directors replaced by new directors nominated by Sumitomo.

February 2010
Disposal of Nanjing Meizhanli Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary which owned a plot of land in Nanjing and certain research projects.

November 2008
Acquired 100% of Nanjing Xinaokang Pharmaceutical Limited.

October 2008
Nanjing Changao & Changao R&D both obtained the "High & New Technology Enterprise" Status with the benefit of lower corporate tax rate of 15% over a 3-year period.

September 2008
Disposal of 70% equity interest in Cang Nan Province Hong Tai Pharmaceutical Company Limited, a non-exclusive product distribution unit.

May 2008
Appointed exclusive distributor in China for its preparations HELIXOR® A by HELIXOR Heilmittel GmbH & Co. KG.

March 2008
Formed joint venture with leading US contract research service provider, XenoBiotic Laboratories, Inc.

February 2008
Completion of new fully automated warehouse at Nanjing Changao.

December 2007
Appointed distributor in China for Meiji Seika's best selling new generation antibiotics, "Meiact".

October 2007
Tripled freeze-drying production capacity of Nanjing Changao to 18 million units per annum.

September 2007
Appointed exclusive distributor in China for Pholcotussin cough syrup by Europharm, a leading Hong Kong pharmaceutical company.

Disposal of 71.88% equity interest in Shao Xing Pharmaceutical Supply and Distribution Company Limited, a non-exclusive product distribution unit.
July 2006
Acquired 100% of Shenzhen Liancheng Medicine Company Limited.

February 2006
Acquired 69.98% of Shanghai Sun-sail Pharmaceutical Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

October 2005
Listed on the Mainboard of Singapore Exchange.

Trading operations moved from Hong Kong to Macao. C&O's Macao subsidiary is a commercial offshore company set up to enjoy Macao tax incentives.

Acquired all the remaining equity interest of Nanjing Changao, which became a wholly owned subsidiary of C&O Group.

Nanjing Changao acquired Changao R&D which carries out the R&D activities of C&O Group.

Nanjing Chagao obtained GMP certification from the SFDA.

Appointed sole distributor of 4 Bright Future Products in PRC.

1998 - 2000
Expansion of manufacturing facilities, including tablets and capsules in 1998, API in 1999, and freeze-dried powders for injection, ointments and gelatine in 2000.

Formed a joint venture, Nanjing Chagao, with 2 state-owned enterprises to manufacture and sell pharmaceutical products in PRC.

Companies of C&O Group were incorporated for the intention to engage in the distribution, manufacturing and sales of own brand and third party pharmaceutical products in PRC.

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