Shenzhen Liancheng is the C&O distribution center and its head office locates at Shenzhen Special Economic Zones, Guangdong Province. It is mainly engaged in the distribution of prescription drug and OTC drug. As a large commercial distribution enterprise in the pharmaceutical industry, Shenzhen Liancheng place its focus on the business channels and distribution networks covering distributors, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

Shenzhen Liancheng is one of the few enterprises in Guangdong Province which passed in quicker and earlier time on the new national GSP certification. The successful achievement represents that it has attained an upper level in respect of the drug quality risk control, cold chain management, computing software management system and people management.

Having been experienced and contributed from the process of sales in the past 20 years, we have successfully built up the well known brand of antibiotic, “Amoxycillin”, which is our exclusive distribution of imported product. In the 7 consecutive years from 2011 to 2017, it was on the list of “Health China - China Medicine Brand List”. In additions, we launched the first “Rabeprazole Sodium for Injection - Aobo Ping®” in China in April 2014, which is our independently developed product.

On the launch of Aobo Ping®, it become the “Blockbuster” appearing in the domestic pharmaceutical industry and has drawn the widespread concern in the large medical trade fairs, such as “Sinopharm” and “New Special Effect Medicine”.

Based on the business strategy of “Win-win Cooperation”, Shenzhen Liancheng has established the good communication platforms with the customers, doctors and patients. Meanwhile, we will keep changing, self adjustment and step by step under the keen competitive environment in the domestic pharmaceutical industry. We believe that it will be more brilliant for us in the future under the continuous efforts and contributions being made by the C&O people.

Commercial Distribution

Commercial distribution is the most core segment in C&O, which is the engine driving us forward.

C&O’s business channels and distribution networks cover all parts in China.

Distribution Center

The C&O distribution center locates at Shenzhen with its base in “Pearl River Delta” and is spreading its business over all parts in China. C&O can achieve more precise and effective in exploring and managing the sales regions over China through its subsidiaries, Sichuan Changao and Nanjing Xinaokang.

C&O now have more than 400 employees working in the distribution segment, of which over 85% are the sales professionals.

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